Revoke and Replace Operating Levy Referendum - Vote Nov. 7

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 During the April 2023 Building Bond Referendum, GFW Public Schools promised taxpayers that the district would be able to offer voters the opportunity to revoke and replace the current operating levy at a reduced rate due to the savings of operating a single facility via an upcoming election in November.

The election will take place on November 7, 2023 and proposes revoking the existing operating levy of $1,406.30 per pupil and replacing it with a new authorization of $992.40 per pupil subject to inflationary increases. The district is confident that current programming will be maintained with a single site and a reduced operating levy. The levy would remain in place for ten years. 

This change will allow the district to continue to operate with confidence with a stable and sustainable budget that will see savings by operating a single site. 

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2023 Operating Levy vote November 7

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Passing Savings onto the GFW Community.

GFW Public Schools aims to keep taxes low while providing a top-notch educational experience for our students and important services to all the members of our community. While state statute requires ballot language to include a disclaimer of a yes vote meaning a property tax increase, by revoking the current operating levy and replacing it with a reduced amount, voters will actually see a tax decrease in their taxes payable in 2025 with the approval of the question.

GFW Public Schools currently has an operating levy in place of $1,406.30 per pupil, and are proposing to reduce it to $992.40 per pupil, which will also reduce the tax impact for the community. This was the promise the Board made to the community if a new PreK-12 facility moved forward.

When you see the ballot, State Statute requires language indicating you are voting for an increase. The district does not have authority to change that language, but as you can see, by reducing the amount the district can levy per student, it will result in a tax decrease.

In order to show our commitment to taxpayers, the district will plan to under-levy in the next fiscal year in order to begin the cost savings even before the operating levy can be reduced by a vote.

How to Vote

Election Day is November 7, 2023 for this special election. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

You can register to vote online via the Minnesota Secretary of State. Any eligible voter residing in the school district may vote at said election at the polling place. 

There will be three combined polling places for this special election. There is no mail in precincts for this election. All voters will report a polling place.

Find your Polling Place:

  • Gibbon Municipal Building - 985 1st Avenue, Gibbon, MN: Main Room in Sibley County, Minnesota

    • This combined polling place serves all territory located in Independent School District No. 2365 in the City of Gibbon; Moltke, Severance, Cornish and Grafton Townships in Sibley County, Minnesota: and West  Newton, Lafayette and Bernadotte Townships in Nicollet County, Minnesota and Round Grove Township  in McLeod County, Minnesota. 

  • Fairfax Community Center - 300 Park Street South, Fairfax, MN: Main Room in Renville County, Minnesota

    • This combined polling place serves all territory located in Independent School District  No. 2365 in the City of Fairfax: Wellington, Cairo, Bandon and Camp Townships in Renville County, Minnesota; and Ridgely Township in Nicollet County, Minnesota. 

  • Winthrop Fire Department Building - 2 Main Street North, Winthrop, MN in Sibley County, Minnesota

    • This combined polling place serves all territory located in Independent School District No. 2365 in the City of Winthrop; Bismarck. Transit, and Alfsborg Townships in Sibley County, Minnesota; Penn Township in McLeod County, Minnesota.

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Additional Voting Information

For full election information visit the Sibley County website.

If you have any questions, please contact County Auditor-Treasurer Marilee Peterson or Elections Coordinator Jennie Radloff at 507-237-4070 or

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