Explore the Numbers for the April 11 Building Bond Referendum

In order to help community members understand the process behind the tax calculator and the difficult to understand information that goes along with school finance, GFW Public Schools CFO Lindsey Heine presents a detailed look into how the tax calculator works and the overall impact of the bond across the tax base.  

GFW Public Schools is required by law to provide factual information to the public. As our community has questions, we continue to update and add additional information to allow voters to make an informed decision on April 11, 2023.

In response to community questions, GFW’s Bond (Legal) Counsel, multiple financial consultants, as well as Sibley County Auditor/Treasurer and Renville County Auditor/Treasurer have reviewed the GFW Public School election materials; including, the financial tax impacts and parcel specific tax calculator. Based on collaboration with these professionals, the District has used materials that are factual in nature and are consistent with other school district referendum communications across the State and compliant with Minnesota State Law.

Our team has looked at the tax impact across the entire district and verified that the total dollars that would be collected by the bond would be enough to cover the building and aligns with the tax calculator. 

To find your tax impact, visit the online tax calculator or reach out for a meeting with financial professionals by emailing Superintendent Horton