Building Our Future, Vote April 11

GFW Public Schools continues to follow the guiding principles of keeping students safe, exceeding area schools with excellent programming that students deserve, and maintaining facilities while preparing for an eventual transition to a PreK-12 facility.

Our district will hold a two-question building bond referendum on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 to address facility challenges with proposals to build a new school in one of two possible configurations. In addition, if a single-site PreK-12 option is approved , the district will be able to offer voters the opportunity to revoke and replace the current operating levy at a reduced rate due to the savings of operating a single facility via an upcoming election in November.

The district is required by law to communicate factual information on any referendum request, which is a responsibility we take seriously. New webpages provide an overview of the proposed plans, the process that led to the referendum, the timing of proposals, and the cost, while keeping our work as educators and a community school as a top priority. More updates will be coming to the webpages and information will be shared in newsletters and on social media!

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